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Irony: Accused Erin Andrews Stalker Doesn’t Appreciate Being Videotaped

Michael David Barrett

After a federal judge ordered that alleged Erin Andrews stalker Michael David Barrett be fitted with an electronic monitoring device and be barred from using the internet, the disgraced traveling insurance salesman, divorcée and father from Westmont, Illinois was released from the Metropolitan Correctional Center and  made a mad dash to a waiting car (video after the jump). Methinks Barrett didn’t take too kindly to being videotaped without his permission, as he somewhat aggressively tried to get into the car while people with cameras swarmed him.

Oh, sweet, delicious irony, what a tasty dish you can be. Of course, despite the fact that every person charged with a crime in this country is innocent until proven guilty, the charges don’t look good no matter which way you splice it.

A prosecutor told U.S. Magistrate Judge Arlander Keys that Barrett went through a lot of work to track Andrews to hotels. After removing the peephole eyepieces in doors to at least two rooms, he used a hacksaw to alter them and secretly videotaped Andrews unclothed, prosecutors alleged.

“This was an obsession, your honor, and one he acted on,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven Grimes.

Agreeing with prosecutors that Barrett represented a danger to women, Keys ordered him confined to his home unless he is at work, at a doctor’s office or conferring with his lawyer. He will be monitored electronically each day from 9 p.m. until 6 a.m.

Make the jump for video goodness.

One other nice little nugget from the video: at about the 0:45 mark, is it me, or do you also find it strange that Moby has taken such a keen interest in this case?

Despite the charges against him, family and friends are doing their very best to support Barrett.

Barrett’s attorney, Richard Beuke, disputed that his client represents a danger to anyone.

He said he has known him personally for years and that Barrett has many supporters.

“He has a whole host of friends that I’ve gotten calls from the last several days,” Beuke said. “It’s certainly not the Michael Barrett that any of us know. These allegations are totally contrary to the young man that we’ve been friends with.”

That’s the funny thing about people that secretly videotape women in vulnerable positions in their hotel rooms – they don’t usually put that bit of information on their annual Christmas newsletters.

In a way, I kind of feel sorry for the guy. Wait a second – no I don’t.  That is, unless he is exonerated and found not guilty of all charges, which at this point seems highly unlikely. In any event, does it even make a difference? Once your YOU’RE (sorry, Steve!) convicted in the Court of Public Opinion, little else matters.

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