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I Bet It Breaks Randy Moss’ Heart That The Mayor Of Minneapolis Doesn’t Like Him

randy mossrt-rybakR.T. Rybak, the mayor of Minneapolis (I believe it means “City of Minne” – or something – in Lakota) was making an appearance on something called The Ed Show on MSNBC with Green Bay mayor James T. Schmitt. I guess they were doing the usual, ultra-lame, “Hey! Our city is better than yours! How about I wager some product that my city is famous for and you wager something your city is famous for and whichever team wins, the mayor of the losing team’s city has to give the mayor of the winning city said product! HARF HARF HARF!”

But the hysterical and hilarious madness didn’t end there. Mayor Rybak felt compelled to bash for Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss for some reason clear to only him and the aliens that control his impulses of when to say something idiotic. Via Around the NFL:

“I think there are some times when a fit just doesn’t work with the team anymore. Like Randy Moss may be the greatest receiver anywhere around, but I don’t want that guy to ever come back into the city of Minneapolis again. He was a jerk when he was here, and, uh, Brett wasn’t a jerk when he was over there. There’s a different deal, but sometimes fits don’t work in football. So, hey, he fits beautifully here and we are happy to take him.”

Do ya hear that Moss? If you even dream of bringing your sorry, good-for-nothin’, lily-livered behind back to the fine city of Minneapolis and polluting it with your jerky jerkness, well, sonny, yer going to have to deal with one angry Mayor Rybak!!

For some reason, even if this did somehow get back to Moss, I doubt he would lose any sleep over it. If Randy Moss wants to return to Minneapolis to run down traffic cops at will, he’s going to do it, Mayor Rybak.

And do you know what else? If he ever decides to try to mend fences with the mayor and contribute to his election fund, I have a pretty good idea in what form his donation will be made in:

Straight cash, homey.

That never gets old.

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