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Fiery Explosion Makes Drag Racing Interesting For A Second

Who would think that putting a 6700 horsepower engine into a car made out of fiberglass and filling it up with rocket fuel could have negative consequences?

That’s what happened yesterday at the Memphis Motor Sports Park yesterday when Dan Wilkerson’s car lost both of its rear tires, causing the car to veer sharply left right into the wall. And then explode in a fiery ball of goodness. Most amazing?  Wilkerson survived with barely any injury to speak of.

Wilkerson, the good guy that he is, feels horrible for wasting everybody’s time due to the inconvenience caused by nearly becoming a human-shaped piece of charcoal. Via Haddock in the Paddock:

“I just wanted to apologize to all the other racers for causing a mess and huge delay,” Wilkerson said. “We sat out all of Sunday, then it kept misting this morning and we weren’t sure if we were even going to run, and before you know it my race car goes out there and basically comes apart and I’m into the wall making a huge mess. And, I knew my mom was going to be back there worried sick, so I wanted to let everyone know that I was okay.”

Alright. We’ll let it slide this time, Wilkerson. But the next time you are involved in a horrible crash, you better make it worth the while of drag racing fans everywhere and at least have the courtesy of getting seriously injured. The selfishness that pervades drag racing these days is really tarnishing the sport.

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