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Stuff To Tune In To And Zone Out On For October 5th

monday night football

Duh! It’s only the biggest football game in the history of the cosmos!

I have resisted temptation to post anything about tonight’s tilt pitting Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers for several reasons, primarily for the following five:

  1. The speculation and hype has already been done to death – anything you need (or want) to read about the game, you have done so already;
  2. Even though I have written posts about Brett Favre and the Vikings previously (a lot), I felt I would be way too much of a homer if I wrote one today);
  3. I’m borderline nauseous with excitement – like I said, I’m a homer and this is probably the most excited I have been for a regular season Vikings game since 1998 when the Vikings ultimately whooped the Packers at Lambeau on a Monday night – October 5, 1998, to be exact – 11 years ago to the day;
  4. I’m lazy and should already be drinking;
  5. There is no number five. Didn’t I just tell you I was lazy?

With that said, you know the where and when, so tune in to the game and enjoy. It should be a doozy, whether you’re pulling for the Vikings, the Packers, or the meteor.