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Jerry Jones Has No Idea What’s Going On

Jerry Jones

It sounds like all the Botox that has been injected into Jerry Jones’ face has begun to seep into his brain. After the Cowboys lost 17-10 to the Broncos yesterday, Jones refused to go into panic mode, even though he probably should, considering the state of his beloved Cowboys. Via The Huddle:

“I’m not going to sit here and look like we’ve lost the Super Bowl. That’s just not called for here. It’s not ending. It’s not gone … I think we all recognize that what you were last year or what you were purported to be in the summer is not usually what you end up being. So these Broncos are better than anybody would’ve thought and some other teams are less at this junction than some thought.”

What a mushmouthed, confusing quote. And yeah, as far as losing the Super Bowl is concerned, I wouldn’t worry about that too much if I were¬† Jerry. You see, you have to actually make the playoffs first before you even have a chance to get to and lose the Super Bowl. And with Tony Romo clusterfucking up the joint, I don’t see the Cowboys making it to the postseason this year or any time soon.¬† And that is a good thing.

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