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Shania Twain To Carry Olympic Torch In Her Hometown


I freely admit – without shame, mind you – to being a Shania Twain fan from way back. In fact, I’ll even happily disclose for the tens of readers of the Sportress that I actually own her 20-times over platinum album, Come On Over.  It was certainly not in my realm of musical tastes at the time I purchased it, but I was young, impressionable and completely smitten with the Celestial Canadian Goddess. And I am not embarrassed about this one bit.

So, bearing that in mind, you can imagine how thrilled I was to learn that Shania has been bestowed the honor of carrying the Olympic torch through her hometown of Timmins, Ontario on January 1, 2010. Being part of the Official Olympic Torch Relay leading up to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, of course makes Shania feel as pleased as punch.

“I am proud to have been presented this unique opportunity and privilege and look forward to sharing the pride with my hometown and fellow Canadians as we are all proud of our country’s chance to host the upcoming Winter Games,” Twain said.

“I have a tremendous respect for the hard work, dedication and talent of the world’s greatest athletes and will humbly carry and pass on the Olympic torch with a special pride for my country’s Olympians.

“I am grateful for this special gift of participation in carrying the flame that represents such an incredible spirit of sportsmanship and excellence and wish all the athletes of the 2010 Winter Olympics courage, strength and triumph during the Games.”

Since it is a rare occurrence indeed for the world of sports to intersect with the universe of Shania, I felt compelled to take full advantage of the opportunity and have humbly showcased some of the best photos of her I could find for all of you after the jump.

Shania14Full Disclosure: I owned the above photo in poster form. Nerd.












And last but not least, my personal favorite…


Goddamn, that is just….guhhhhhh…

And can you believe that ugly motherfucker Mutt Lange cheated on her? The minimum punishment for that should be a long, drawn-out castration with a rusty butter knife. What a disphsit.

(be sure to click on the photos for extra-large, extra-sexy goodness)

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