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How About We Twist This One Up And Call It A Week? (With Bonus Special Announcement)


Man, does that sure look good after a long week. It certainly looks like Gunther from Central Perk would enjoy a puff off that doob as well.

Like I mentioned, it was a long ass week. But there is no rest for the weary this weekend, my friends. Not only will I be following the Twins-Tigers race to the finish, I have a border battle to pay attention to tomorrow when the Wisconsin Badgers invade TCF Bank Stadium and take on my Golden Gophers. And then, Monday Night Football: Pack-Vikes. It doesn’t get any better than that.

But before night, I have a little work to do (hence, the “no rest for the weary” comment):

You see, Punte over at With Leather must still not be taking his anti-bad idea medication, because he has asked me to run the show over at With Leather again this weekend. I guess I must have done an acceptable job last weekend – either that or he believes it couldn’t gave get any worse. Please stop by and see me, will you?

On to the evidence that I didn’t do jack shit at work again this week.

Alrighty, off to prep for my weekend gig. And by prep, I mean drinking heavily, popping pills and going back and forth between fits of laughing and crying. Should be fun.

Have a good weekend, kids. Be sure to come visit me at With Leather.That’s a good idea, she said, she said.