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Holly Madison Throws Out First Pitch, Says Dusty, Dingy Rosin Bag Felt “Oddly Familiar”


Former Playmate and ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner Holly Madison is a big fan of when nine guys, including one wearing a mask, can come together, work as a team and achieve amazing feats, much to the delight of those who are lucky enough to be in attendance.

But enough about her team of plastic surgeons. Holly Madison is a huge fan of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Holly threw out the first pitch before Wednesday night’s Angels game. And as you can see, her form was real and it was spectacular.



Hey Holly, how do you intend to earn a living once you hit the age of 35?


You have to give her credit for her nice form and impeccable delivery. Her steely-eyed focus and pitching style reminds me of a young Jimmy Gobble – or maybe that’s because of her other talents. All I know is my R.A. Dickey is all done warming up in the bullpen and ready for some action.

Apparently, Holly is all set to star in a new reality series, cleverly titled, “Planet Holly.” Here is what the busty and lusty Madison hopes to achieve with her new show:

“I think it will inspire other girls to always follow their dreams – whatever they might be. And then dream some more! Just because I’ve wound up in Peepshow on the Strip, I’m not stopping, and I’ve set myself five more things to achieve in life. I will never stop setting new goals because I’m having fun living life.”

That’s right, young ladies. Follow your dreams. Throw in some silicone for good measure, bleach your hair and you just might end up banging an incredibly wealthy, senile limp-dicked fossil. From there, anything is possible. Dream some more!

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