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Hey Disappointed Chicagoans, GET OVER IT!! (A Photo Essay)

APTOPIX Chicago Olympics 2016

By now, you have all heard that Rio de Janeiro has been chosen as the site of the 2016 Olympics and of course, Chicagoans are simply stunned that their sparkling city located in the heart of the American Midwest was not chosen. For those people I have this message:


Look at you, crying and hugging each other like someone just ran over your dog or pooped in your mailbox…or something else bad. You know what I mean. There are about 50,000 more important things to worry about than whether your city gets the esteemed honor of having the world’s top athletes compete while residents from those very same countries using your fair city as a toilet, leaving you with the all of the cleanup and a bicycling velodrome no one will ever use again.

Instead of thinking about all of the things you will miss about not having the Olympics, think about all of the things you won’t miss about hosting the Olympics in your city: never-ending construction work, crowds, crime, tax increases, people who speak strangeĀ  languages cutting you off in traffic as they drive on the wrong side of the street, and most importantly: new venereal diseases. If there’s one thing Chicago doesn’t need, it’s another venereal disease outbreak.

After the jump, drink in the delicious disappointment of people who really need to find something better to do with their lives – like write a sports blog for no pay and no readers, for instance. I heard that can be very rewarding.


Chicago Olympics 2016




Chicago Olympics 2016


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