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Sorry, Residents Of Long Island, It Looks Like You Are Stuck With The Islanders


Amid the pomp and circumstance of the beginning of a  new NHL season, some important news was slipped through our collective five-hole (what?): the New York Islanders aren’t going anywhere.

And here they thought they were going to be able to dump the cursed Islanders franchise on some other unsuspecting city (Kansas City, perhaps?) and get a brand-spanking new expansion team. Unfortunately, with the announcement that Nassau County and the New York Islanders have a plan for a $3.8 billion project to upgrade the arena (which includes a convention center and a hotel), it appears that Islanders fans will continue to be disappointed by their team for years to come.

“Unlike almost every sports arena deal across the country, the county is not paying any taxpayer money to build the new facility,” Democratic County Executive Tom Suozzi said in statement.

The $320 million overhaul of Nassau County’s Veterans Memorial Coliseum will be privately financed; the team will pay $1.5 million a year in rent, plus annual hikes for inflation.

Team Owner Charles Wang had threatened to move the team if no deal was reached by October 3, the start of the Islanders’ playing season.

The accord locks the team into staying in Nassau County, which lies just east of New York City, until July 31, 2030.

Do you hear that, Long Islanders? 20 years of Islanders hockey! Woo-hoo!

And the owner’s name is Wang. Heh. Wang. Wouldn’t it be funny if Connie Chung divorced Maury Povich and married Charles Wang? Her name could be Connie Wang Chung.

Do you know what else would be really, really funny? If I could come up with better material than jokes about a guy’s name being Wang. That would be something.

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