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Wake N’ Blog For October 1st: In Bangladesh, Killing 83,000 Rats Equals One Free Televsion

wake-n-blogMLB  Roundup. The Philadelphia Phillies are in the postseason for the third year in a row after beating Houston 10-3 to clinch the NL East. The Detroit Tigers can clinch the AL Central with a win today against the Twins after defeating Minnesota by a score of 7-2. Colorado’s lead in the NL Wild Card is now at 4 games after they beat Milwaukee 10-6 and Atlanta lost to Florida 5-4. [ Scoreboard]

National Hockey League. A bankruptcy judge has rejected both bids for the Phoenix Coyotes, including the one by Jim Balsille, who intended to move the team to Canada. [Puck Daddy]

National Fooball League. The Browns will once again go with Derek Anderson at quarterback on Sunday. Good luck with all that. [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

Is it color? It better be color. 40-year-old Mokhairul Islam, a Bagladeshi farmer, killed over 83,000 rats in a nationwide effort to protect the country’s crops. From the AP report: “I am so happy to get this honor,” Islam told The Associated Press after receiving a 14-inch television and a certificate amid cheers at an official ceremony packed with 500 farmers and officials. “I had no idea that the government gives prizes for this.” 14-inch television for 83,000 rats? That sucks. If this had been part of an American reality show, Islam would have at least had the ability to humiliate himself in front of millions of people in the process. Seriously though, a 14-inch television? I didn’t even know they made them that small (that’s what she said). [AOL News/AP]