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Charlie Weis Is Going To Be Pissed When Notre Dame Unveils The Bronze Knute Rockne Sculpture…

knute rocknecharlie weis…and he realizes it isn’t a giant piece of candy wrapped in shiny foil.

Because Charlie Weis is fat and would probably want to eat a giant piece of chocolate shaped like Knute Rockne. Get it?

Anyway, Notre Dame will be unveiling the Knute Rockne sculpture at a ceremony tomorrow.

The sculpture of the most successful coach in Fighting Irish history depicts Rockne in his coaching sweatshirt and baseball pants with his hands on his hips. Rockne had a coaching record of 105-12-5, an .881 winning percentage that remains the best in college football history.

His sculpture will be outside Notre Dame Stadium near a sculpture of Frank Leahy, another Irish coaching great.

Two years ago, the school added a sculpture of coach Ara Parseghian and last year it was Lou Holtz. The sculptures were created by Jerry McKenna.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Notre Dame commissioned a sculpture of Lou-freaking- Holtz before Knute Rockne, the most successful coach in the history of the Fighting Irish?

I know we were discussing Charlie Weis eating a giant piece of chocolate, but now I know what anyone who supported Lou Holtz before Knute Rockne should eat. Shit.

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