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The Morning Bowl (September 30th): Serena Williams Still Gets Her Period?

bowl-smoking• Serena Williams will be appearing in a new Tampax commercial. You would think all the testosterone, not to mention the presence of a penis between her legs, would make that product unnecessary for her. [With Leather]

• Festus T. Bowgater is back and he’s here to solve the problems of professional athletes everywhere. [Style Points]

• Mark Sanchez’s jersey is the number two seller on, behind only The Gunslinger. [Busted Coverage]

• Speaking of Favre, fuck you, ESPN. On next Monday’s episode on SportsNation, they are going to try to break the record  for the most times a show mentions the name Brett Favre. What show are they trying to beat? Today in Wranglers Commercials? [Awful Announcing]

• Any post with the title, “Matthew Berry Needs A New Pair Of Pants” gets a link. Well done. [Second-String Fullback]

• Interesting read on whether newspapers should allow their sportswriters to appear on ESPN shows when ESPN is putting them out of business.  [The Big Lead]