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Ron Artest Has All The Appearances Of A Perfectly Sane Individual

ron artest

Ron Artest has had his fair share of setbacks when it comes to interactions with fans, to say the least. But from the looks of this photo, he’s not going to sit idly by while the residents of the city of Los Angeles refuse to get pumped up for a World Series run by the Dodgers.

Introducing the newest superhero: Crazy Basketball Player Baseball Mask Avenger Guy! I don’t know if I’m supposed to be terrified of that image or slightly amused. Maybe both.

From Big League Stew (photo – including several more of Lakers players – via Ball Don’t Lie):

At any rate, the Lakers used part of Tuesday’s Khloe Kardashian Q&A session media day to tape some fan safety bits for the Dodgers’ postseason. Given all the troublemaking that can happen at Chavez Ravine, the pointers will be welcome and this may be the only occasion Ron Artest can wear a mask and wield a bat without giving anyone a heart attack.

Indeed. But which is worse, as far as unhinged NBA players are concerned? Ron Artest with a bat in his hands and a crazy look in his eyes or Rasheed Wallace tossing around a prosthetic leg? That’s too tough (and insane) to call.

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