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Meta: Strange Things Are Afoot At SI’s Cheerleader Of The Week


As regular readers of the Sportress are painfully aware of by now, I tend to like to poke fun at the Cheerleader of the Week feature over on Extra Mustard (a wonderful site, I might add) on More often than not, it’s mostly good-natured ribbing, other times it’s simply to point out the extremely large breasts of that particular week’s cheerleader.

A few weeks ago, I profiled Lizzie, a cheerleader at the University of Kansas, in a post titled “SI’s Cheerleader of the Week Has A Thing For Guys Who Slap Their Women Around,” and the interesting choice she made for celebrity crush: Chris Brown.

We all know about the terrible things Chris Brown did to Rihanna and I gave the young lady a bit of crap about her crush. If you look back at the post, on September 8th, commenter ChalmersForThree, who must be an acquaintance of Lizzie’s, pointed out that “Actually, Lizzie filled out the bio sheet in December 2008 (because the photos were taken during the bowl), which was before the Chris Brown incident.”

Fair enough.

Today, the Sportress received another comment on the post, this time from binkerman, who stated, “It is advisable to check sources and resources before posting. In the article re: Lizzie’s celebrity crush it says, “My celebrity crush is:Dermot Mulroney”

Now this bugged me. I went a checked the profile of Lizzie and sure as shit, her profile now reads that Dermot Mulroney is her celebrity crush.

I don’t care that they changed it on her behalf. In fact, I applaud it. Someone should have noticed how her answer didn’t look so great nearly 10 months after Lizzie filled out her questionairre.

But I will not be accused of not checking sources (and resources, even!). I may be a cheat, a liar and a terrible writer, but I can tell you one thing: I am not a Communist.