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Clinton Portis Must Be Unaware That ‘Denial’ Is Not Just A River In Egypt

clinton portis

This has to be one of his new, crazy, offbeat characters, right? Clinton Portis, on a Washington radio program, made it official that he hasn’t given up hope on his Redskins squad. Via The Huddle:

“As a team, I think we have something special and we can do something special, and I think we will do something special.”

“All of the sudden we suck, we’re the worst team in the NFL because we lost to the Lions,” he told the radio station. “The Lions got good players, man. We’re 1-2, there’s a lot of teams that are 1-2. We’re in a situation we’d rather not be in. Have we ever started out 1-2? Yes we have. Is it a situation we can get ourselves out of? Yes, we can….”

Yes they can! Yes they can! Yes they can!

(realizes that Jim Zorn hasn’t been fired and is still the Redskins coach)

No they can’t! No they can’t! No they can’t!

Who says when the chips are down you can’t stick to your guns and hope for the best? Who says that when you are the first team to lose to the Lions in 20 games, everyone has to jump ship? Who says that 1-2 means it’s the end of the road?

On second thought, I’m sticking with the theory that Portis is giving us a sneak preview of a new character. Let’s call him Professor Demetrius Dementia.

Clinton Portis says fans overreacting, ‘Skins can still ‘do something special’ [The Huddle]