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Auburn Head Coach Gene Chizik Is A Fan Of Lil’ Wayne Mixtapes?


I’m not going to bet on it, but could it be possible that Auburn head coach Gene Chizik is a closet Lil’ Wayne fan?

Unlikely, yes, but when you consider the team’s new motto, it might make a little more sense: “Do What We Do”, which for those of you who aren’t as up on the hip hop game as this playa,  is a song off Lil’ Wayne’s mixtape, The Drought Is Over. I can imagine Chizik busting out these lyrics while he takes a minute to get pumped up before a game. Can’t you?

The Auburn football team is riding high right now, sitting at 4-0 (1-0 in the SEC) and having won all four games by an average of 21 points. Their offense is humming, ranked in the top 5 nationally in total offense, scoring and rushing. They are currently not in the Top 25, but are just barely on the outside looking in at No. 27, with a huge matchup at Tennessee on Saturday.

In essence, to Chizik, the slogan means that the team shouldn’t feel the need to change its approach when things are not going well, just execute better.

“I feel like when you repeatedly do something, you become basically a product of your habits,” Chizik said. “You become a product of that. This is what we do on offense. This is what we do on defense. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel every week. We’ve just got to get better at what we do and that carries over into games.”

Therefore, “Do What We Do.” It’s not the catchiest of slogans – it’s no “Why Can’t Us?”, that’s for sure – but like the slogan that caught fire during the the run the Phillies went on last year in the postseason, “Do What We Do” has caught fire with the Auburn faithful, and has begun showing up on t-shirts, towels and bracelets.

If anyone can find one of those t-shirts, let me know. Wouldn’t it go great with this shirt that my uncle sent me from Alabama for Christmas?

auburn shirt

Yeah, my uncle is a little unbalanced.  But I already mentioned he was from the South, so that goes without saying.

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