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So Dane Cook, Chris Daughtry and Tim McGraw Walk Into A Bar…

dane cookchris daughtrytim mcgrawI know what you’re thinking:  that has to be one of the worst openings for a “_______ walk into a bar” jokes. Sadly, it’s not too far from the truth. This trifecta of suck were in the same place over the weekend, but it wasn’t a bar. It was at a benefit concert in Las Vegas for Andre Agassi’s College Preparatory Academy.

And I missed it!! GAH!

Agassi is very proud of his philanthropic endeavor, which I suspect, given the name College Preparatory Academy, helps students prepare for college (people often praise me for my deductive reasoning abilities).

Agassi, who is hosting the concert, said the school is an example of what education could be in Nevada and elsewhere if schools get proper funding and full support from parents.

“It’s not a mystery – we haven’t cured cancer over here. We’re plugging away at implementing the best practices that work,” the eight-time Grand Slam champion said.

Whoa. Now hold on a second. Is Andre Agassi trying to cure cancer or is he trying to help students succeed in school? One thing at a time, Andre. Narrow your focus.

And I can’t imagine a more douchey lineup than one including these three dickbags. All three of them have found success by co-opting someone else’s style and talents and making a blander (and completely worse) version of it. They are like the Holy Trinity of Average.

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