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Last Call: Hopefully This Guy Doesn’t Show Up


I like to think we have a nice little nomadic community with Last Call. We all meander our way from one blog to the next every night, seeking only dick jokery and a place to hang out for an hour or two.

Thankfully, we haven’t had someone like David Daramy make his presence known at any Last Call. To wit:

Police said 27-year-old David Daramy allegedly stabbed 31-year-old Ivan Pedroza in the arm leaving him with serious and life threatening injuries.

Police said Daramy was upset after he went into the Cielo Sky Bar in the 1400 block of Lee Trevino after they stopped serving alcohol.

The stabbing happened when Daramy allegedly became upset because he was not served.He now faces a criminal attempted murder charge.

Yikes. I can only imagine how this guy would react if he ever were to get cut off by a bartender. Sheesh.

Just remind me not to hit up the Cielo Sky Bar if I’m ever in El Paso. Sounds like a pretty rough crowd. But you guys would have my back if anything went down, right? Right?

Anyhoo, let’s mind our own business and go with the usual program, shall we?



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Burt Reynolds

So, uh, does anybody have any eye bleach? Or a tomato corer will do.

Now let’s try and move on from this, shall we?