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Jon Gruden Leads The Monday Night Football Booth In Moronic, Unquantifiable Statements


Did anyone else catch Jon Gruden’s informed analysis of Jake Delhomme’s tenacity and determination last night? I believe it was late in the second quarter of the Cowboys incredibly 21-7 defeat of the Carolina Panthers, and Gruden said (paraphrased) “Jake Delhomme leads the NFL in grit.”

Come on, Gruden! You are supposed to be an upgrade in the MNF booth.  Statements like that bring you down a level. Say something like, “You have to admire Jake Delhomme’s grit.” If you don’t shape up, Gruden, Jaworski is going to make you invest in his next Arena League team.

And I wasn’t aware of this until know, but grit makes you throw soul-crushing interceptions. Apparently.

I haven’t seen much of anything on the tubes yet regarding this ridiculous statement, other than Seth Myers’ (I believe the SNL fella) tweet about it, so if anyone comes across any video, please pass it along my way.

This does not bode well for next Monday night. Given Gruden’s history with Favre – he was on Green Bay’s coaching staff for the 1992-1994 seasons – the knobslobberly by Gruden on Favre’s dongslinger we may be forced to endure might make us long for the return of Tony Kornholer.

Okay, now that was a completely irresponsible statement. I guess I lead the internet in retardery. Yes, I just made that up. Impressed?