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Joey Logano Got Flipped Like A Cheese Omelette

You won’t see much about NASCAR here on the Sportress but if a gnarly (yes, I used the word ‘gnarly’) crash occurs – even if it happened two days ago, I’m going to post something about it.

Logano, a rookie on the NASCAR circuit (which makes me wonder – is there hazing of rookies in auto racing? I imagine them putting bananas in rookies’ tailpipe and pissing in their gas tank), got drilled by Bobby Labonte at the AAA 400 in Dover, Delaware, which set into action a chain of events which culminated in Logano’s car flipping 7 times before coming to a rest.

The most amazing aspect of the story: Logano walked away from the wreck relatively unscathed. Shaken, yes, but uninjured.

“I’m fine. It just scared the heck out of me,” Logano said. “I got tagged from behind. I was like, ‘Damn, make this thing stop.’

“I started rolling and I was in there like, ‘Damn, please make this thing stop.’ And it wouldn’t. It just kept going and going. I was fine. It just shows how safe these cars are. It was the wildest ride I’ve ever been on. You can’t go on a roller coaster any worse than that.”

Interesting. “I started rolling and I was in there like, ‘Damn, please make this thing stop.'” was the very same thing fellow NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield said the first time he took ecstasy. But Mayfield has since moved on to meth, which is much more up his alley. That’s good.

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