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A ‘Too Emotional’ Mora At A Press Conference? Now I’ve Heard Everything!

jim mora, jrjim moraSeattle Seahawks head coach Jim Mora backed off his hyper-critical comments about kicker Olindo Mare who missed two crucial field goal kicks during Seattle’s 25-19 loss to Chicago on Sunday. For those of you who missed it (video follows), here’s what Mora said in his press conference after the game:

“No excuses … You’ve got to make those kicks, especially when you’re in a game like this kicking and fighting and scratching and playing your tail off and you miss those kicks. Not acceptable. Not acceptable. Absolutely not acceptable.

“We’ll look at making a change everywhere. We’re not going to fight our (rears) off and have a field goal kicker go out there and miss two field goals and lose a game.”

Yeah, maybe you came on a little strong there, Coach. Unless you planned on cutting Mare’s crappy-field-goal-kicking ass, you probably don’t want to rattle him too much and shatter any shred of confidence he has left.

Mora perhaps saw the error in his methods (or someone told him to) and on Monday Mora tried to scale back the sting of his comments.

“Games are emotional, you know? Boy, you just kick and you scratch and you fight to win them. And you have to do a good job of gathering yourself before you say something you regret. And that’s something I’m certainly getting better at.

“When the question was directed at me I answered it honestly, but probably with just a little bit too much … um, you fill in the word,” he said Monday.

“I think I let the emotions of the game get to me. We’re all paid. It’s our jobs, as professionals, to make plays and make correct decisions as coaches. There are times maybe you set the bar a little too high sometimes.”

It’s nice that Mora recognized that he may have went a little overboard when hammering his kicker, since going overboard is not a behavior generally demonstrated by Mora men.

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