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Jared Allen Stars In ‘The Mullet Witch Project’

Jay Glazer usually does some webcast thingy every Monday called “The After Party”, which is part of Fox Sports’ “Lunch With Benefits” series.  I suspect that usually Glazer discusses the Sunday that was in the NFL. Jay Glazer is off today (I seem to recall someone on Fox saying that he’s Jewish and he was taking off today for Yom Kippur, but I could be wrong), so Jared Allen stood in for him today. Allen went with the title “Mullet Over” which is actually pretty clever – considering it’s Jared Allen.

The finished product is disturbing to put it kindly. First, Allen is looking down into his webcam the whole time, which is slightly off-putting. Personally, it made me imagine a scenario where Allen is looking down into a well at me and saying, “It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again” while petting his dog, Precious. Creepy.

Secondly, and how do I put this delicately – Jared Allen is, well, the boy ain’t right.  I don’t know if it’s the camera angle or what, but he looks…not normal. Which is surprising because his tweets are usually so well-written.

Allen devotes the first five minutes of the eight-and-a-half minute trip through the Wacky World of Jared Allen to talking about the Vikings big win over the 49ers, then touches on range of topics, including the Detroit Lions snapping their losing streak and wraps it up by making fun of Jay Glazer’s fashion choices. All in all, not bad, but far too disturbing on too many levels.

The After Party With Jay Glazer [Fox Sports]