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The Morning Bowl (September 25th): Mark Sanchez Better Have His Green Card

bowl-smoking• Mark Sanchez is an illegal immigrant? And to think, he’s taking a job from someone born in the United States who would have done a worse job for more money. [Style Points]

• Blue Menu bids farewell to Wayne Gretzky, Hockey Coach. [Food Court Lunch]

• Good question: how in the hell does Eric Wedge still have a job? [Walkoff Walk]

• Talk about a scoring a major coup – an interview with Florida head coach Urban Meyer.  [EDSBS]

• The Washington Nationals are the suckiest sucks who have ever sucked. [With Leather]

• Fred Funk was fined for using a club out of another player’s bag. To quote the great hip hop artist Sagat: man, funk dat! [Devil Ball Golf]

• Here’s the tool that was let out of jail to watch a Red Sox game. [Busted Coverage]