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Oh, Chicago Cubs, You Magnificent Losers


If it wasn’t so goddamned funny all the shit that happens to the Cubs, I might actually start to feel bad for them.

Although not technically elminated from postseason contention, the Cubs have had yet another miserable year. And it only got comically worse yesterday. Apparently, the Cubs can’t even get celebrating right. After first basemen Derek Lee scored the game-tying run when Jeff Baker hit a two-run homer to take a 3-2 lead against the Giants in the 9th inning, Baker and Lee were excitedly congratulated by teammates in the dugout.

Yeah, Lee got hurt during the celebration.

As Lee and Baker were mobbed by teammates in the dugout, relief pitcher Angel Guzman slapped the side of Lee’s helmet, causing Lee to experience neck spasms that forced him to come out of the game for defense in the bottom of the ninth.

The best part? Angel Guzman was shut down for the season earlier this week with a muscle strain near his armpit. So a guy who is hurt and not contributing anything to the team injures a player who is contributing.  Ahh, the sweet, sweet schadenfreude of it all.

You have to feel bad for Cubs fans, though. To be one must just suck and still be frustratingly hilarious at the same time – sort of like attending a Carrot Top performance, I reckon. Not that I would know.

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