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Fun With Headlines: They Prefer To Be Referred To As “Little People”


Now I’m not sure how they do things up in Canuckistan, but I still have to question the motives behind this headline, not to mention the fairness of the competition which is being reported.

At first, I thought it was about a bunch of surly Canadian women beating the tar out of some little people for fun – rumor has it that originally, the sport of curling used a portly petite person instead of the curling stone we have grown accustomed to today, so I wouldn’t put anything past our friends to the North – but apparently,  I guess simply for the fun of it, the Canadian women’s hockey team took on a team comprised entirely of little people. And big surprise, they beat them, but only by a score of 3-2.

Come on, Canada, hockey is your national sport and your women’s team narrowly beat a bunch of little people? They have those real weird arms so I imagine their puck handling is suspect to say the least. And the goalie? Can they even reach the upper corners of the net? And what’s the deal with Triple-A Midgets? Is that some sort of joke? Have the Canadians comprised some sort of totally inappropriate rating system for little people? Or are they attempting to make some sort of Smurfs joke? You know, Triple-A = Three Apples High?  I’m sorry, but everything about this story is just plain wrong.

Shame on you, Canada.