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Danish Goalie For Swedish Soccer Team Is A Cheating Bastard

I suppose if you are going to cheat, you might as well go all out – just make sure there aren’t cameras around recording you do it.

Somebody might have wanted to make Kim Christensen, the goalie for IFK Gothenburg, aware of that rather important caveat. TV cameras caught Christensen popping the goal posts out of their footings and nudging them a few centimeters inward during a match against Orebro.

IFK Gothenburg, considered one of the most successful soccer clubs in Scandinavia (thanks, Wikipedia!), ultimately drew a 0-0 tie with Orebro.  The Swedish Football Association will be investigating the incident.

Referee Stefan Johannesson spotted the posts had been moved a few centimetres about 20 minutes into the game and pushed them back into the right place.

Christensen later said he had done the same thing before several other games.

That’s always a great idea: when caught blatantly cheating, be real cavalier about it and say you do it all of the time. No wonder Christensen is now on his fourth marriage. You’re breaking your mother’s heart, Kim!

I freely admit I’m not a great soccer mind, but it seems to me that Christensen took an unnecessary risk for a minimal benefit? How much of a difference can a few centimeters make?

On second thought,  instead of his nonchalant attitude toward cheating, maybe the difference of a few centimeters is the real reason why Christensen is on his fourth marriage. I guess only his ex-wives no for sure.

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