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Arena Football News: If At First You Don’t Succeed, Fail, Fail Again

arena football

Arena Football, the Edsel of professional sports leagues…

Okay, that might be a bit harsh – the league was around for over 20 years – let’s start over.

(Ahem) Arena Football – the Ford Taurus of professional sports leagues, only months after shutting down shop, is about to make a comeback as a new league, the oddly-named Arena Football 1.

“The owners meetings are Monday morning, and they’re really going to line everything out on Monday morning as far as how the divisions go and what teams from the AFL are actually going to join Arena Football 1 and what teams from AF2 are going to join,” said Troy Thompson, director of operations for the Arkansas Twisters.

Representatives of the af2 teams in Oklahoma City, Arkansas, and Spokane, Wash., all confirmed to The Associated Press on Thursday that they intend to participate. Iowa’s af2 franchise also plans to send a representative to the meetings.

Well, good for them. But from what I understand, the league will feature mostly teams from the af2, which was comprised of 25 teams last year, with a handful of teams from the original Arena Football League. They intend to solve the competitive problem by having two leagues, which insiders say will be similar to Division I and Division II football in college.

So essentially, without any improvements or tweaks, they are intending to return to a business model that completely failed and went bankrupt less than a year ago. Makes sense.

I’m sure the geniuses behind theĀ  UFL are shaking in their cleats. You know, if they could afford cleats.

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