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Adrian Peterson Must Fancy Himself A Young Nipsey Russell

20080716_paf_f05_009.jpgnipsey-russellI’ve heard the term “working blue” before, but “working purple”?

No one knows yet if this whole NFL running back gig is going to work out for Adrian Peterson, but if it doesn’t, you might just see Purple Jesus try to make it doing stand-up and working the comedy club circuit.

During his media session after practice yesterday, Peterson entertained the press with a zinger regarding his ailing back.

Via Access Vikings:

He opened by saying he had a “weak back.” Asked if that was the result of one particular collision, Peterson said, “It happened like a week back. But it’s all behind me now.”

Rim shot.

“You liked that, huh?” he said, smiling.

Oh dear. That was Bania-esque. I suppose he will have plenty of time to work on his material in the offseason.

To be fair, like all great comedy, it’s all about the timing. Video of him fleshing out his routine can be found here.

It’s gold, Chilly! Gold!

Peterson’s back ‘not a big deal,’ but matchup is [Access Vikings]