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Stuff To Tune In To And Zone Out On For September 24th

floydCollege Football. Mississippi at South Carolina. Just think of all the extra 21st chromosomes in the crowd. Amazing. [ESPN, 7:30 ET]

Major League Baseball. Detroit Tigers at Cleveland Indians. Can Detroit hang on and win the crappiest division in baseball or will the Twins be the sacrificial lambs for the Yankees in the opening round of the playoffs? [MLB Network, 7:00 ET]

Must See TV. SNL Weekend Update (always amusing), Parks & Recreation (I thoroughly enjoyed last week’s episode), The Office (pretty good last week for a season premiere) and Community (my favorite new show in years – lots of potential). Now that you know what I think, don’t you feel better? No? [NBC, 8:00 ET]

So Much Better Than Must See TV. A new episode of It’s Always Sunny. “The Gang Hits The Road.” The gang heads to the Grand Canyon. It will be just like when the Bradys visited the Grand Canyon but you know, different. Followed-up by a encore presentation of one of my favorite episodes, “Nightman Cometh.” [FX, 9:00 ET]