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Marcus Fitzgerald Is Like The Frank Stallone Of NFL Wide Receiver Brothers

larry-marfrankstallone7Larry Fitzgerald is certainly not the first successful person to go through this (Sly Stallone, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Michael Vick come to mind – well maybe not Michael Vick anymore, but…), but there he was, forced into the uncomfortable position of defending the actions of his less talented and less intelligent brother.

As most you know, Marcus Fitzgerald, Larry’s younger brother, stirred up a little controversy last weekend when he made his critical opinions regarding Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner known via Twitter, including referring to Warner as an “OLD ASS MAN.”

Both Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald quickly dismissed any rift between them on Wednesday.

“I kind of chuckled about it because everyone in here (the locker room) knows about me and Kurt’s relationship,” Larry Fitzgerald said. “That’s never going to be affected by anything outlandish like that. That’s what being friends is about.”

“I gave him a little grief on it,” Warner said, smiling. “It’s obviously no big deal, but as close as Larry and I are, I couldn’t let it go without jabbing him a little bit.”

So there you go. Crisis averted. Larry had a talk with brother and we shouldn’t expect any emotional and ill-conceived tweets coming from Marcus from this point forward.

Just a piece of advice, Larry. If your brother ever comes and asks you for a little help jump-starting his recording career, just say no. It’s for the best. For everyone.

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