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I Guess People Don’t Find Murder-Suicides Funny Anymore


Apparently, Kings Island Halloween Haunt in Ohio likes to stuff the envelope, as it was revealed it intended to display a reenactment of the Steve McNair murder/Sahel Kazemi suicide using skeletons for its Halloween festivities. Via The Huddle:

The McNair display portrayed a skeleton with a blue shirt marked with a No. 9, McNair’s uniform number, and holding a Titans helmet. Another skeleton wearing a red lingerie was draped over its waist.

Yikes. Clearly, when it comes to finding new and inventive exhibits, Kings Island leaves no stone unturned or any grave not spit upon. Yet it appears depictions such as these are par for the course for Kings Island Halloween Haunt, as the park continually strives for “authenticity.” In fact, the park also plans to feature several other dead celebrities among this year’s exhibits, including Ted Kennedy, Ed McMahon and Heath Ledger.

Heath Ledger? That’s a bit dated. I suppose they couldn’t find a little marker board for a Tim Russert exhibit.

Don Helbig, the spokesman for Kings Island, originally denied to AOL FanHouse that a McNair display would be included, but after FanHouse indicated there were photos of the exhibit, Helbig stated that “[o]ur event does not open until Friday. We meant him no disrespect.”

Of course they didn’t. Kings Island probably feels that we have all become far too concerned with political correctness these days. No one raised a peep in 2001 when they unveiled their “Bobbin’ for Andrea Yates’ Babies” Halloween game.

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