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Not Bad, But It’s Not As Breathtaking As “The Kramer”

Lasorda Portraitthe kramer Overheard during the unveiling of the Tommy Lasorda painting at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery on Tuesday…

Jamie McCourt: I sense great vulnerability. A land child crying out for love, an innocent orphan in the post-modern world.

Frank McCourt: I see a parasite.

Jamie McCourt: A sexually-depraved miscreant, who is seeking to gratify only his most basic and immediate urges….


Jamie McCourt: He is struggled, he is man-struggled. He lifts my spirit!

Frank McCourt: He is a loathsome, offensive brute, yet I can’t look away.

Jamie McCourt: He transcends time and space.

Frank McCourt: He sickens me.

Jamie McCourt: I love it.

Frank McCourt: Me too.

[H/T “The Letter”]

Happy birthday, Tommy Lasorda. Here’s a museum portrait for you [Los Angeles Times]