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I Bet I Can Tell You Which Lenny Kravitz Album Is Milton Bradley’s Favorite

20090510_zaf_cc9_038.jpgmama saidIt’s usually not a good sign when a situation has reached a point when a person’s mother becomes their child’s  spokesperson to the media.

But that seems to be the predicament that Milton Bradley has found himself in after getting suspended for the rest of the season by the Chicago Cubs for, well, being Milton Bradley.

Charlena Rector, Bradley’s mother, went on the offensive Tuesday when she agreed to an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times.  Rector proclaims that her son “eats, sleeps and drinks baseball,” and that his recent behavior stems from racism his son was experiencing at school.

“When racism hit his 3-year-old baby in school, he couldn’t take that,” Rector said in a radio interview earlier this week, according to the Sun-Times. “Parents, teachers and their kids called him the n-word. He didn’t even know it was a bad word until his mom told him.”

If that is the case and he was all torn up about what his little boy was going through, perhaps we should cut Bradley some slack here. I’m not defending his behavior, nor am I implying that Bradley isn’t crazier than a shithouse rat to begin with, but concern over his son’s well-being does lend credence to the possibility that Bradley’s mind might not have been focused solely on baseball.

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