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Chris Berman Ignored The Boos and Brought Style, Class And Wit To Dallas All Sports Association Banquet

chris berman

Gahhh!!! Kill it!!!

Hoo boy, that is one scary photo I found there – which has absolutely nothing to do with this post – but I couldn’t pass it up.

Chris Berman was honored last night at the Dallas All Sports Association banquet, when he was presented with the Pat Summerall Award, which goes to  “a deserving recipient who through their career has demonstrated the character, integrity and leadership both on and off the job.”

Wait, leadership both on and off the job? Don’t the folks at the Dallas All Sports Association have access to YouTube on their computers?

Regretfully, a video of Berman announcing a 49ers victory received some boos from the crowd, which prompted Dallas Morning News writer Mark Dent (who is now my favorite employees every from that newspaper – eat shit, Kevin Blackistone) to take this shot at Berman in the introductory paragraph to his article:

A few boos came from the crowd as a video monitor showed ESPN anchor Chris Berman announcing a 49ers victory. If only they could have seen Berman from a closer angle.

Zing! Some would say that perhaps the boos were more directed at the 49ers than Berman, but I think we all know better, right?

Berman, however, was not going to be deterred by some wisenheimers in the crowd, and he let the little people know that he was humbled by receiving such a prestigious award.

Berman pulled up the sleeves on his suit, revealing silver football cufflinks.

“I don’t wear these just anywhere,” he said before dinner.

Do you hear that, Dallas All Sports Association fucktwats? Berman is pleased by your worship! Bask in his perspiring greatness, minions!

In a display of razor-sharp wit and comedic timing, Berman had this to say when asked whether he’s seen the new Cowboy stadium:

“If the Astrodome were the eighth wonder of the world, than what is this stadium?” he said. “It’s got to be the ninth, 10th and 11th.”

One structure actually being three wonders of the world? Surely you jest! Harf! Harf! Harf!

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