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Brett Favre’s Big Mouth Thinks It’s Unfair How The Jets Were Fined Because Of What It Said

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Brett Favre’s Big Mouth, speaking on the condition that everyone will hear what it says, claims that it was unfair that the NFL fined the Jets for what it said regarding Brett Favre’s injuries last season during Brett Favre’s time with the team. The Jets organization was fined $75,000, Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum was fined $25,000 and former Jets coach Eric Mangini was fined $25,00 by the NFL for their failure to include Favre on the injury report. From Brett Favre’s Big Mouth’s mouth:

“I think it’s very unfair. I just think it’s wrong,” Favre said today at Winter Park. “They did everything that I felt like they were supposed to. I practiced like half a day on the Wednesday after we knew that I had a torn biceps. The only reason I brought that up was I wanted to address to them that I felt like maybe there were some throws, or I could have played better and because of this injury … I just wanted to let them know that. I never asked them to put me on the injury report.

“I can’t tell you how many times I probably should have been on the injury report and was not. I practiced, I played, I knew I was going to play. But I wanted them to know that I wasn’t too proud to play just to play. I’ve talked with Mike and just spoke briefly with Eric when we played those guys but [the fine] hadn’t come out yet. Just expressed that I was sorry that it led to that. It meant nothing. But I think it was unfair the way they were treated.”

I bet you a dollar to a donut that if Brett Favre’s Big Mouth could have done something to avoid this, Brett Favre’s Big Mouth would have. Except for not saying anything about what happened, especially considering that what occurred was at this point irrelevant. For Brett Favre’ Big Mouth not to open its big mouth is something Brett Favre’s Big Mouth cannot do and it would have been way too much to ask of Brett Favre’s Big Mouth.

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