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Before He Lays Waste To The Cruel World That Wronged Him, Sean Salisbury Will Hold Dominion Over The Entire Blogosphere


First Deadspin. Then…the WORLD!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA! MUAHAHAHAHA!!

Sean Salisbury, clearly unhinged and not thinking clearly, was firing off e-mails to Deadspin’s AJ Daluerio at a feverish pace yesterday regarding a post on Deadspin which alleged that Salisbury was fired from his job at a Dallas radio station due to some cell phone shenanigans – a story which sounds astonishingly similar to the stories that circulated as to why he was shitcanned from ESPN. This did not make Salisbury happy and now he is threatening to sue Deadspin, ESPN and anybody else who gets in his way as he clears his name, rights the wrongs and sends photos of his dong.

Here’s but a sampling of the insanity:

This is salisbury and I just want u to know ur guys lies and carelessness about CBS and espn stories has not only ruined my reputation but has cost me jobs so prepare urself for a lawsuit so big I will own deadspin u will be asked to give up ur sources so since u guys have cost me more than alot of money my only goal in my career is to ruin u like u have me. Sadly I tried to be honest with you and you have continually written lies. So you and a few major media networks arebeing sued. And put this on ur careless website. I kept a journal for 13 years at espn and a tell all book will be released in months to come. Book title: espn exposed. The truth inside the r rated company. So ur lies about a cell phone incident that is a lie and the reason I left CBS radio that u guys lied about. The time has come and I won’t stop until the truth is told and deadspin is exposed.

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Yowsers. But you really should take a moment and head over to Deadspin in order to truly appreciate the textspeak ravings of a deranged and broken man. It’s almost sad, but then you laugh at the freak and it’s hilarious again.

Sean Salisbury Has A Few Things To Get Off His Chest [Deadspin]