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The Only Thing Less Appealing Than Watching A UFL Game Will Be Listening To The Announcers

ssstewartdoug flutieDamn, just when you think Versus is going to drop the ball with their coverage of sporting events no one seems to care about, they go ahead and pull something like this…

And totally redeem themselves!

That’s right, fans of second tier football leagues: if you thought Versus was just going to half-ass it, you will be surprised to learn that the beleaguered network is going all out for its UFL coverage.

Kordell Stewart and Doug Flutie (One’s Gay, One’s a Midget!) have joined the UFL announcing crew. Via Awful Announcing:

The United Football League announced today that four highly talented broadcasters will lead the television coverage of the UFL on VERSUS. Veteran play-play announcer Dave Sims joins the broadcast booth with color analyst and former NFL standout Doug Flutie. Former Steelers Quarterback Kordell Stewart and radio and television host Anita Marks will serve as sideline and features reporters.

“We have assembled a top-notch team to lead our inaugural telecasts on VERSUS,” said Frank Vuono, COO of the UFL. “The combined football experience and knowledge of Dave, Doug, Kordell and Anita will help us provide unprecedented access to professional football while allowing the home viewer prime viewing position that will truly make them feel like they are part of the action.”

Top notch, indeed. And when Doug Flutie cannot see the field from the booth, he can get right up on Kordell’s shoulders and get a great view of the action going on below.

Just a piece of advice, Mr. Flutie – insist than when you are on his shoulders, Kordell is facing the field as well. He’s sneaky, that guy.

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