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Stuff To Tune In To And Zone Out On For September 22nd

floydMajor League Baseball. New York Yankees at Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. It’s just like the postseason, only less important. [MLB Network, 10:00 ET]

Minor League Baseball. Bricktown Showdown: Durham Bulls vs. Memphis Redbirds. They are naming minor league teams after movies now? Weird. [ESPN2, 7:00 ET]

Probably better than their original idea, Daughters of Pacifism. Sons of Anarchy. Tonight’s episode: “Fix”: “The League takes bold new steps in the quest to undermine Samcro, forcing the club to take explosive measures; Clay and Gemma struggle to communicate; Tara receives a crash course in how to lay claim to her man.” I really have to start watching this show. Does that make me a hypocrite for recommending it? Like I care. [FX, 10:00 ET]

Basic Cable Movie of the Night. Bloodsport. I don’t remember the film all that well, but I’m pretty sure Jean-Claude Van Damme fights people…and wins! [Versus, 8:00 ET]