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I Didn’t Know Hasselbeck Was An Italian Name


“Fra-gee-lay? That must be Italian.”

That must also be what Seahawks fans are beginning to think about their starting quarterback. After missing nine games last season with an injured back, Matt Hasselbeck might miss Seattle’s upcoming game against the Bears due to a fractured rib suffered when he attempted to dive into the endzone and was hit hard by 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis, although Hasselbeck insists he will do his best to give it a go next Sunday.

I got the wind knocked out of me,” Hasselbeck said. “I couldn’t breathe.”

And at that point, there was a gasp among anyone concerned with the potential of this Seahawks’ season. On Monday, Hasselbeck disarmed the severity of the situation with a joke.

“My face turned red, maybe even purple,” Hasselbeck said.

Ha! I’m sure Seahawks fans love that Hasselbeck can make light of his injuries. Considering that it seems the guy gets hurt every other game, by the end of the season Hasselbeck might have enough material for Open Mic Night at the hospital.

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