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Fresh Fish! Burress Sentenced To Two Years

Burress Weapons Charges Football092209plaxico1POOLShowing up at Court with his pregnant wife, son, father, stepmother and grandmother, Plaxico Burress began to cry as he was sentenced to two years in prison for accidentally shooting himself in the leg at a  New York City nightclub last year.

Burress had originally faced a minimum sentence of 3 1/2 years on those charges if convicted at trial.

He will spend the night at Rikers Island before being moved to Downstate Correctional facility for evaluation. It is not known where Burress will serve his prison term.

I don’t care whether you believe Burress is getting what he deserves or if you think this is a miscarriage of justice, that sounds harsh. I believe New York Post commenter Tincan Louie’s thoughts, which he posted regarding the article, sum up this situation quite well:

Tincan Louie
09/22/2009 11:09 AM
People named Plaxico and guns are a recipe for bad things. He should stick with playing football

Indeed, Tincan Louie. How very, very true.

Plax sheds tears; judge gives him 2 years [New York Post]