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CBS Writer Pete Prisco Believes It’s Never Too Early To Start Ridiculous Super Bowl Talk

Pete Prisco

Now that the NFL season has two weeks in the books, it’s time for two things to occur, which happen every year like clockwork:

  1. People discussing which 0-2 teams can come back and make the playoffs (backed up by statistics about which teams have done it in the past) and
  2. Which 2-0- teams are going to face each other in the Super Bowl.

Which brings us to Pete Prisco. Apparently, this guy does the NFL Power Rankings for and he feels that with both the Jets and the Giants sitting at 2-0, it’s time to start talking a New York-New York (or New Jersey-New Jersey) Super Bowl.

Of course, it’s all bullshit. I’m sure someone could pull a stat out of their ass about how many teams that went on to the Super Bowl started off 2-0, but who gives a fuck? I prefer to be entertained by the season and the endless ways it may turn out. Don’t you hate it when you’re watching a game and they put up one of these stats at the beginning of the fourth quarter: “Team X is 78-1 when leading by more than a touchdown after three quarters.” Fuck that! What’s the point in watching it now?

It’s far too early to make any informed predictions on how the season is going to play out. And yes, I understand that Prisco is just doing his job – without boundless speculation, half of the talking heads who get paid an assload to regurgitate their ever-changing opinions would be out of a job. Prisco is merely generating debate and enticing numskulls like me to bitch about it – but could we wait until at least until a bye week before we start throwing names of teams at a wall and seeing if they stick?

Prisco recognizes how ridiculous it is – he clarifies it at the beginning:

OK, so that’s getting a little ahead of things — especially when it comes to the New York Jets. But after two weeks, is it as impossible a notion as it might have seemed before the season started, seeing the Jets play the Giants in the Super Bowl?

And he wraps up his column with the following disclaimer:

Like any of them, including an all-New York game, it’s way too early for that. But I’m sure there are loads of fans in New York who would love to see a Jets-Giants game and millions more around the country that would loathe it.

But in between those two statements, he devotes 411 words discussing a topic that even he can’t deny is a total waste of time. So what was the point?

Power Rankings: Could it be an East Rutherford Super Bowl? [CBS Sports]