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All Work And No Internet Makes Weed A Productive Boy

the shining

Productive at work, at least.

Most people would agree that to most effectively use the internet, you need, you know, the internet. Such was the conundrum I found myself in when I reported to the place that gives me paychecks (I avoid use of the word “job” since one can hardly call what I do there “work”).

You see, internet access was unavailable at my place of employment today. It appears that our crappy modem crapped out over the weekend. As a consequence, as I’m sure most of you noticed, there was no tremendously entertaining content here at the Sportress today.

Have no fear. The internet access at work issue should be resolved tomorrow and I will also take the necessary precautions to make sure some regularly scheduled content gets posted tomorrow. Usually, I have a few posts good to go before I leave for work, but one of the consequences of my participation in last night’s incredibly enjoyable live blog was it caused me to oversleep. And believe me, I do not envision keeping such late hours again this evening.

See you tomorrow, folks, and enjoy Monday Night Football.