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Site News: I Heard The Sportress Sucks Live


Whether you are celebrating your favorite team’s big win or collossal loss, be sure to stop on by the Sportress tonight for a live blog of the Giants-Cowboys game tonight. Believe me, you will want something to take your mind off Chris Collinsworth’s inane ramblings, and sometimes, booze can’t do it all on its own. Festivities will begin approximately 8:15 eastern.  I reckon I’ll be pretty loosey-goosey by that point, so it should be interesting.

That’s right. Last Call is at the Sportress tonight. The Phoenix Pub and I engaged in a little swapping – it’s just our way of keeping things fresh and interesting.

Shakey from Style Points is co-hosting the event with me and I am sure there will be tons lots dozens several a few of your favorite characters from the internets hanging out. Be there or be square.

So, stop! Have a beer, it’s on me.