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I’m No Fancy Lawyer, But Is Roethlisberger’s Attorney Attempting To “Filibuster” Opposing Counsel?


John Echeverria, attorney for Ben Roethlisberger, is now requesting that the court punish opposing counsel in the case, Calvin Dunlap, for bringing a frivolous lawsuit against his client on behalf of the accuser.

Nevada law “addresses the unfortunate fact that lawsuits, if not based on allegations supported by actual facts as opposed to fantasy and conjecture designed to stir emotion, will be used as destructive and slanderous weapons of oppression rather than instruments of truth and fair application of justice,” Echeverria wrote.

“Unfortunately, plaintiff has welded together false allegations to punish her employer and coerce a windfall from an admired, civic-minded and successful professional football star.”

And if this course of action does not bring about the desired result for Echeverria and his client, he could always dress up like a tranny and challenge Dunlap to a duel. And I’ll take that advice into cooperation.

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