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Mark Reynolds Is Completely Immersed In The Swinging Lifestyle


Wait, let me correct that: “Mark Reynolds Is Completely Immersed In The Swinging (And Missing) Lifestyle.”

There. That’s better.

Arizona Diamondbacks third baseman Mark Reynolds struck out four times Wednesday in a game against the San Diego Padres, giving him 200 strikeouts on the season, which means that he should easily break his own single season record he set last year of 204 strikeouts in a season by…

…are the Diamondbacks playing right now? He may have already done it.

Reynolds, batting .272 with 42 home runs and 97 RBI, is by all statistical measurements (other than striking out), having a phenomenal season. This might be why he claims to not even care about the record. In fact, he maintains he doesn’t even know how many strikeouts he has this season. In fact, he claims he doesn’t want to talk about it about it even while he’s talking about it.

“I started pressing, trying not to strike out, and that’s when you do that kind of stuff — meaning strike out,” Reynolds said. “There was a lot made of it last year. This year, nothing has been made of it because I don’t want to talk about it. I’m going to keep not talking about it and not worrying about it.”

For someone who’s going to keep not taking about it and not worrying about it, he sure is defensive about it.

“You know, if I was hitting a buck-fifty and driving in 20 runs and striking out 200 times — but I’m being productive,” Reynolds said. “So whatever.”

Whatever, indeed, Mr. Reynolds. Best of luck to you not worrying or talking about it while you’re not talking about worrying about it while you’re not caring about whether or not you’re talking about worrying about breaking the record. Because he’s not talking about it, ya dig?

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