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I Guess Only Lovie Smith Is Allowed To Say That Jay Cutler Sucks

jay-cutler-bearslovie smithJim Mora and Mike Martz, who in the hell do you think you are? How dare you criticize Bears quarterback Jay Cutler’s shittastic performance Sunday night? It’s not like analyzing and sometimes even criticizing a player’s performance are even remotely close to what you were supposed to be doing.

Oh, they are? Huh.

It doesn’t matter. Bears head coach Lovie Smith cannot believe that Martz and Mora both had harsh words regarding Cutler during appearances on the NFL Network’s new show, The Head Coaches.

Martz stated that his opinion of Cutler was that “he just doesn’t get it,” and Mora stated that Cutler is, in his opinion, “completely immature.”

Opinions! On a show where people are supposed to give their opinions! Did I just get dropped off in Crazy Town?

Nevertheless, Smith insists that their statements were inappropriate.

“First off, you have to look at the setting a little bit. We had just come off a tough loss to one of our rivals…especially from a couple of former coaches.”

What setting are you referring to, Lovie? You mean the setting where the quarterback that the organization sold the farm to get, who was supposed to help your team get over the hump, be a leader and win games like this, but instead comes out and completely shits the bed and throws four picks? Uhh…is that…is that the setting you’re referring to?

And a couple of former coaches, no less. I guess once you become a member of the media, allegiances are simply tossed aside and forgotten. Sheesh. As my grandfather used to say, “There’s even honor among thieves,” which I’m pretty sure isn’t the right way to say it, but that old coot always getting sayings wrong. Huh. I guess I really don’t have a point here…

Oh yeah, here it is:


(note: one other little nugget from the Tribune’s column: apparently, there might be a love triangle developing in Chicago as Lovie Smith’s wife lurrves Jay Cutler. Smith said his wife has “Full support” for Cutler. “Always. Loves Jay to death.” Ooooooohhhhhh.)

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