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“Get Away From Me, You Crazy, Persistent Bitch!”

Hey Tom Brady, if you think you can blow off Suzy Kolber when she wants and interview, you can forget it.

Did the fact that she’s a woman stop her from realizing her dreams of reaching the pinnacle of success in sports broadcasting? No.

Did the absence of a man in her life prevent her from pumping out a Mini-Suzy? Hell to the no.

The woman is tenacious in her dedication. Ruthless in her persistence. Cutthroat in her throat-cutting, or something. So you better just park your prima donna ass when she tells you to and answer her goddamn questions, pretty boy. Do you think you’re above it all now? Do you think you can just blow off NFL Sideline Reporter Numero Uno and not suffer the consequences?  She’s a friggin’ bulldog, Brady – nothing is going to deter her when she sets her sights on something, so don’t even bother.

Check yourself, bitch.

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