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This Just In: The Japanese Like Ichiro Suzuki


I know, shocking. Ichiro became the first player in Major League history to have at least 200 hits in nine consecutive seasons.

He did it nine times?

Nine…times. (Thanks, Ed Rooney)

And of course, the Japanese are incredibly proud of their fellow countryman’s achievement. In fact, Ichiro received high praise for his accomplishment from none other than the legendary Sadaharu Oh.

“Sometimes we forget how difficult it is to accomplish these things amid a baseball schedule which is much tougher in the U.S. than in Japan,” Oh said. “It’s hard to find the words to describe what he has accomplished.”

Now, out of my way, all of you. This is no place for loafers! Join me or die! Can you do any less?

God, an overdone Simpsons and a tired Ferris Bueller reference in the same post? I would say I was slipping but that would just be furthering  the lie that I was ever any good in the first place.

Savor the mediocrity, people. Savor it!

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