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The International Amateur Boxing Association Should Be Ashamed Of Itself


One would think that an organization like the AIBA would have at least one person associated with it that would have seen how inappropriate their actions were regarding such a sensitive issue, let alone how foolish they were to get into this mess in the first place. I guess situations like these should hardly be surprising anymore, but that doesn’t take away the fact that they should be soundly condemned.

Four officials of the Mongolia team were expelled from the world boxing championships on Thursday for allegedly trying to bribe a referee with a watch.

The Mongolian boxers, their coaches and team doctor were allowed to stay on in Milan to the end of the championships on Saturday, the International Amateur Boxing Association said on its Web site.

I cannot believe the level of political incorrectness displayed here by a normally well-respected governing body. Mongolian? I believe the preferred nomenclature is Down Syndrome. People stopped referring to them as Mongolians years ago. Shame on you, AIBA.

First of all, you cannot expect them to understand all of the rules and regulations that go along with international competition. Perhaps the officials with Down Syndrome, in their innocence, simply wanted to give the referee a watch as a friendly gesture and were not aware that it would be a violation.

And why is AIBA allowing these courageous individuals to compete against boxers who don’t have special needs themselves? That is what the Special Olympics were specifically designed for, not the world boxing championships, for Pete’s sake!

Eunice Kennedy Shriver would be spinning in her grave right now if she weren’t dead.

Mongolia officials kicked out of boxing worlds for bribing referee []